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India-Japan Workshop on Disaster Risk Reduction

(1) Background Note
(2) Program Agenda 
(1)  SESSION(1)
 1 Disaster Management Planning Against Large-Scale Earthquakes and Tsunamis in Japan
 2 Disaster Management Policy Framework in Japan 19 March 2018  
(2) SESSION(2)
 1 Challenges & Options for Risk & Vulnerability Assessment & DRR
 2 Earthquake Hazard and Vulnerability Studies of Dehradun City 
 3 Earthquake Occurrence as an Extreme Event as Conceptualized from Genesis to Prognosis Implicating Hazard, Vulnerability and Risk in the Indian and Japanese Peninsula 
 4 Japanese Earthquake Reserch for Seismic and Tsunami Disaster Resilience 19-march 2018 
 5 National Centre for Seismology 
 1 Bridge Construction: Reducing Disaster Risk
 2 Development and Management of Disaster Proof Infrastructures to make Disaster-Resilient-City
 3 Disaster Resilient Infrastructure- Water Infrastructure
 4 Bridge Construction: Reducing Disaster Risk 
 5 Indo Japan Cooperation for Development of Infrastructure 2018 
 6 Policy Planning for Resilient Urban Infrastructure 
 7 Prior Investment on Disaster Risk Reduction 
 1 Active Tectonics of Himalayan Faults/Thrusts System in Northern India on the basis of recent & and Paleo Earthquake Studies
 2 Earthquake Early Warning 
 3 How to Prepare for a Strong Shaking? Earthquake Early Warning in Japan 
 4 Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre, INCOIS, Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India 
 5 Operation by the Government after a Large Scale Disaster 
 (5) SESSION(5)
 1 Community Disaster Management Plan System
 2 Disaster Preparadness in the State of Bihar 
 3 Disaster Risk Reduction in Sikkim 
 4 Outline 
 5 Preparation and Response by Subnational Governments