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AP Disaster Management Directory

Andhra Pradesh Disaster Management Directory has all directory information of State level officers, District level and Mandal level officers information to use as and when required.

Disaster Management

Disaster Management app can be used as a user guide to know about natural disasters, man made disasters, disaster management life cycle, emergency kit etc. It includes details of help line centres with in-built calling feature. Mobile app also provides information related to earthquakes, floods, landslides, cyclones, tsunamis, urban floods and heat wave etc. .

School Safety By GHS

School Safety By GHS is an android based app to help schools prepare for various hazards. The app is meant for schools to prepare a basic disaster preparedness plan that can be used for disaster risk reduction.

Disaster Alert

Disaster Alert (by PDC), Active Hazards on an interactivemap and in a list as they are occurring around the globe. Additional hazard information can be viewed and shared.

The term "Active Hazards" refers to a collection of current and real-time incidents (compiled from authoritative sources) which have been designated "potentially hazardous to people, property, or assets" by the PDC DisasterAWARETM application.

Disaster Management

This app provides information related to disaster management, precautions to be taken during disaster etc.

Disaster Management for Kids

Disaster Management for Kids app can be used as a user guide for children to know about disasters, how to plan and prepare during disasters, Do's and Dont's, how to recover and build and preparing a kit. It also includes Dost AppuVidoes for earth quakes, floods, landslides, cyclones, tsunamis, urban flood, drought, bio-logical disaster etc.

Earthquake Hazard Map of India

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) jointly with BMTPC have prepared the Earthquake Hazard Zoning maps of India as a whole, every State and UT of the country and each district, taking the details up to the sub-district namely, Tehsil, Talukas, Blocks, etc. based on IS 1893(Part 1):2002. The latest Seismic Zone Map of India denotes that about 59 percent of India's land area is vulnerable to moderate to severe seismic hazard i.e. prone to shaking of MSK intensity VII and above.